Welcome to my Graphics Site!   This is just a collection of the different graphics I have created. All the graphics on this site were created by me.  Please feel free to use any of them for your own personal use, but if you would like use them on your personal website please contact me first (link on bottom of page).   If you like what you see or have any suggestions or comments,  please sign my guest book and let me know what you think. 


November 8, 2004

I fixed some of the broken links and added 2 new fanlistings to the links page.  Check back soon, I will be adding a new banner, and also a mailing list for those of you who would like an e-mail when I update the site.

October 11, 2004

A new Atlanta Braves Wallpaper has been added!  Yay!

October 6, 2004

I've noticed a few people direct linking to the site to use banners or avatars.  Tripod does not allow direct linking.  Please upload the graphic to your own server www.photobucket.com is a good one.  I've added this note to the respective pages for clarity.  Thanks!

October 5, 2004

Just added a Braves icon to the Avatars section.  Its an homage to the first round of the playoffs *crossing fingers for the Braves*

September 4, 2004

Added several new Michelle Kwan avatars and a few of other skaters to the avatars page.

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